Close-out Reviews

We have extensive experience of reviewing close-outs for mistakes, unfair pricing and incorrect timing.

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Fraud Allegations

We have experience of high profile cases and detailed investigations.

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Structured Products

We review products for suitability and fair pricing.

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We are known for our hands-on practical knowledge of investment banking and finance. We offer expert advice and support.

Our backgrounds cover trading, structuring, sales and risk analysis. We look at risks both from the banks perspective and from the customers perspective.

Asset classes: Equities, Interest Rates, FX, Commodities, Loans, Emerging Markets, Bonds, Swaps, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, High Yield Debt

Products: Structured Notes, Options, CPPI, Swaps, Delta-One, Structured Funds, Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Proprietary Indices, Managed Accounts

Objectives: Investment Products, Corporate Hedging, Interest Rate Swaps, FX Hedging, Commodities Hedges


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